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I have a collection of 46 of his rookie cards. I’d say about 40 of them are graded, so I’m very happy about that. Some aren’t graded the best some always looking to upgrade, but in the meantime, this is probably the X all, except for one card, which is a retail version of the card which I’m just trying to get either a nice price or um being able to trade.

For it other than that, I have basically a complete set and I’m really proud of it. So I just want to show you guys it. I’m gonna show you the great actually the ungraded cards, it’s only a few of them and then we’ll get into them. I’m leaving one graded card near the end because it’s obviously it’s one of the nicer cards so I’ll leave that at the end so there’s 46.

I think if you go on Beckett, there’s actually 44 rookie cards quote-unquote they say so. I have two inserts that aren’t graded, but there are still nice cards and I just think they’re cool to have so I’m holding on to them. One is greater than one is not. This is actually one of the inserts. It’s really nice. It’S the flare mm flare metal, I’m sorry, Mill, flare, flare, ultra gold medallion, it’s like a die-cut version.

So that’s really nice! Then I got a 2000 Pacific. I have a 2000 Press Pass and these

<strong>Tom Brady</strong> Rookie Card

are all I’m debating on whether or not to get graded. I might upgrade or see if I can get graded one for a decent price. This is an mm upper deck and we have an mm upper deck encore so, as I said, that’s it for the ungraded. So now I get into the good stuff the creative cards, the majority of our bags rated of graded cards. I have a three here that I’ll show you right now: they’re actually graded from other companies or Beckett, but the BC CG version. So I’m gonna try to get those graded or I might just keep them the way they are, but since they’re not there, not the higher-end cards, but anyway, this one’s graded, a gem mint ten from integrating this one’s a tough one to find in a really good condition, even though it’s cheaper, it’s a cheaper one of his rookies, the mm quantum leaf, and that is grated, as you see a gentleman from mitigating, but a really nice card. I’m gonna try to get have Beckett’s grade that at some point, this one is from Beckett itself, but it’s a bcc g version. I guess it’s their showroom version. The mm collectors edge supreme. This is another one. It’S not overly expensive, but it’s very tough to get into a reality in a really good condition, and this is number two mm you can see their focus. Well, it’s number the two thousand collectors at supreme and the last ones CSA rated. This is a ten gem in another one to cut that that’s hard to find in really good condition. The two thousand playoff absolute – and this is number two-three thousand so those three cards are not grated from Beckett per se, but uh really nice cards in a really enjoyable. So here we go, guys.

I’m gonna start with some of the lower graded cards. This first one I really have no clue what the grater was looking at. This was one of my favorite ones, and I was hoping it would come back really nice, it’s the Flair e^x and I only got an eight. This is great. This is actually number two fifteen hundred. It only got an eight. The categories are centering edges got a nine-point. Five each surface got a nine-point. Five, the corner got a seven-point. Five. I can kind of understand a lower grade on one of the Warners. This bottom, this bottom corner right here, is a little bit of a dent. I get, I guess, but to give it a 7.5. I have no clue so that that one was baffling, I’m always looking to upgrade so that one is for trade or sale. Then we have a Bowman 8.5. This one just came in today got all good grades, edging kind of heard. It though, but got an 8 by still a nice card, Don Ross elite 8.5 and that’s number 2 mm. We have a flare showcase 8.5 and that is number 2 mm. This one looked really nice. I thought it would great a little better. I guess the surface and the edges got both gotta 8.5, but this is the playoff prestige version, and that is also numbered to 2500. This one, I really liked again. I thought this would get graded really well. This is a harder or one of the more rare cards. This is the playoff momentum number 2, 750, and the guy in 8.5. The edges hurt this one. They both edges and corners got 8.5, but the other two were 9.5. So it’s still a very nice card. All right, so that does it for the eight-point flies, the rest are 9 or higher, which I always try to get at least a 9, which I think are really nice.

So these are some of them, some of the nines or some of the lower and nines. This is a press pass gold zone and that was rated a 9. So this is like the Press Pass insert version and gold zone, it’s not numbered, but it is a shorter printer than the regular version. Then we got a 9 Flair tradition with some tight end. Then never made the team 9s across the board on our own. This one is a 9 as well and that’s the score mm score, and then I have the insert version of that one which is the score scorecard on this site. Right here it says scorecard on the side and it’s actually number two mm on the back and of course, it doesn’t want to focus. Well, it’s number 2 mm. That’S pretty cool! This one was another tough one to find in a good condition, and I’ve had a few of these and I thought they would. They were sent to me good and they just they weren’t, and this is the closest I could get to the best one at a decent price, the flared metal and got a nine, and it was actually got a 10 on centering, and 8.5 brought it down a little bit to a 9 but flare metal not numbered, then we have a flare mystique and that got a 9 as well and that’s number two 1,500 l mm flare misty, that’s a cool ya flare ultra. I showed you the gold medallion version earlier. This is the regular flare ultra and that’s great. It tonight actually 9 points that one should have in a 9.5. I’ve got a nine-point. Five, so that’s Hannah did have an eight-point. A five-foot Irish card is actually the card. I don’t have a sister, a brother version. This is the version and the lowest print on that he has the private stock. It’S number two: 278 private stock, the Rio versions, the one I’m to get and that’s great tonight. But everybody knows everybody that retailers and I think the retail isn’t rid of 6ft, so I’ll trade or if I had a decent person this one they like this is one of the first ones got um, just like the desert. The numbering is the weird number dozen 62 mm Pacific Mart benign, but as like fraktur kind of looked to ever the lake down one, that’s one of my favorite ones, alright, and now we’re getting into some of the better grades, not necessarily the higher end cards. But the better grades, but we will we are starting to get into the nicer cards as well. This one is a skybox Dominion and that’s with Giovanni Cal mozzie did really good with San Fran huh, that’s a 9.5 that guy did really good tenth one ten in for 39.5. This is an upper deck victory great it to nine-point: five: three, nine-point: five, and a nine. Then we got the skybox impact. Actually, just got this one, the other day at a pretty good price, a nine-point: five gem mint and that’s actually for 49.5 breeds this one’s pool. This is an older, older graded card. Probably I think back like three or four years ago, the retail version, the two thousand Crown Royal red version or retail version 9.5, and the grades are on the back 39.5 and a nine. And then this is the regular version. The regular Crown run of the gold version 9.5 and that got a 10mm nine and a few 9.5 s. Then we got a nine certified.

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This again is one of the first cars I ever got its the 2000 Leafs certified. That’S number two 1500 and it’s great at nine, the surface took a hill Mountain, so with some of these chrome ones, the surfaces are very, they scratch up easily, so that got a nine. This one just came in today. Actually one of the lower rims, but still really nice card pacific paramount 9.5. I got 110 into 9.5. This one came in again today as well: pacific Aurora 9.5, this one’s a nice one, graded nine leaps, rookies, and stars this one’s a tough one to find in a good condition to rot, and that’s number two, a thousand then we’re getting into my some of my Favorite cards, we got a nine-point uh, actually just a nine gold reserve, upper deck gold reserve and that’s number two 2500 upper deck made some really nice card to his and they great very well upper deck ultimate victory. This is number two mm, this one’s cool, and this one took me a while to find Pacific Prizm, that’s great at nine and that’s number two, a thousand on the back of a thousand. Oh, I’m looking can see that there we go a thousand all right and then this last pile and then the one ungraded card. These are probably my favorites. We have an upper deck, this one’s a really nice card upper deck. I onyx 9.5, gem mint. That’S really! Nice I like that one, that’s number two mm: now we have upper deck black diamond, not numbered but short, but actually is it nope not numbered nine-point. Five. This one just came in today. This one was really tough to find. I was able to find it and I luckily got the seller was correct. They said the mint condition had got a nine-point. Five mm Bowman chrome very tough, to find a good centering on that. Centering is actually the only thing that brought it down on nine. Everything else was really good. So nine point five Bowman chrome. This came in today as well. We got a two thousand dong Ross, graded nine, really nice card. That’S number two 1325 and surprised that didn’t great better on two 9s occasions, this one’s really nice. I thought this would greet at least nine-point five, but all four nines upper deck pros and prospects. That’S a kind of a tough one to find that’s great, it that’s number two, a thousand all right upper decorated and nine-point: five Jim mint right there, it’s actually up or decorated, as the company is the brand and that’s number two 1325, and these last few Cards are probably the cream of the crop. I think this one’s extremely hard to find took me forever. I would say two thousand Pacific Omega got a 9.5. I was just looking for anything and I was lucky to get that and that was number two 500. I don’t know if it’s gonna show the number to 500. That’S a really nice one. I have not seen any other card this. I think I saw eBay had this once at this great level, and even Beckett doesn’t have a 9.5 in this version limited and that’s number to 350, Tom Brady, the unlimited number to 350. There we go 350, this one I was really excited to get, and actually, it might be an off one version. I’m not sure it’s actually missing. It’S supposed to have a serial number two, I believe, 350 or 400. It’S the Pacific Revolution, rated nine. I just got this in today. I really like it with the Patriot design in the back. It’S great at nine, but the serial number where it’s supposed to be is blank and it actually says missing serial number on the top there. So it could be a one on one version or so who knows so it might be a little more valuable than the normal graded Knights, but still a really nice card and one of my favorites this one just came in today, I’m very happy with the grade. Very happy upper deck SPX. I got a nine-point: five and as number two 1350 very nice card, and my last two one has sentimental value because it was the first Brady Rukia ever pulled and the other one. Well, it has his autograph I’ll show you the autograph first, this one is the ungraded card that um I actually have up on eBay right now, I’d like to get a greater version, but I got this at a pretty nice price, so I wasn’t gonna turn. It down this is the playoff contenders rookie and it has the autograph it’s kind of tough to see the autograph, but it’s definitely on there. So that was a really nice card. It’S not numbered, but you know that the player anything with his autograph is gonna. Be valuable, valued in various really high, and then this last one, if you’ve seen any of the videos I had mentioned it before this was the first Brady card. I had ever pulled a lot of the Brady rookie cards, obviously with it being almost 12 years ago. You can’t buy the boxes anymore or you had to buy them online. This one actually bought two boxes of upper deck SP authentic, and I believe it was the last pack of the first box and the only reason I bought the pet. The boxes were to get this card and when I opened the pack, I don’t think I I think I was like five years old again. I’d never been so happy and it went right into a case and I thought I thought I’d do a little better with the grading, but it still did well. I got a nine, so this is the upper deck SP, authentic, nine, graded, nine, that’s number two 1250 and that’s his highest valued card without an auto, and to me, it’s sentimental on this one yeah this I mean you get a little spoiled when your first Rookie card that you pull this guy, is this one? So thanks to this card, I started with this collection and there you go. That’S my collection. Guys below are some of the cards I have duplicates of or some of the cards that I would like to upgrade at some point. So if you’re interested send me a message – or maybe we can arrange something – a trade or whatever and also below – is the one car that I’m trying to get it’s the private stock retail. If anybody knows anybody that has that is willing to either sell it or trade for something, let me know, but thanks a lot guys – and I hope you liked the video thanks.

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